01. The U.S. is usually a close [ally] of Great Britain in foreign affairs.
02. The [Allied] forces scored a major victory on D-Day, which ultimately lead to the end of the war in Europe.
03. Canada has been a strong [ally] of the U.S. throughout most of its history.
04. Elisa remained a strong [ally] of the office manager throughout his troubles with the senior administration.
05. The two minority parties have formed an [alliance], which should allow them to hold the balance of power.
06. Peace-keeping forces from the [allied] countries of the region hope to restore order in the coming weeks.
07. Conservative elements in the business community have been a powerful [ally] of the leader of the military coup.
08. Ogden Nash once remarked that marriage is the [alliance] of two people, one of whom never remembers birthdays, and the other who never forgets.
09. The U.S. government has asked its [allies] for support in its war against terrorism.
10. The [Allied] forces are planning a major assault on the enemy this evening.
11. On the television show "Survivor," the contestants try to make [alliances] with different people to vote others off the island.
12. It is strange how two countries can be at war at one time, and then close [allies] a few years later.
13. Sudan alienated many of its overseas political [allies] by declaring its support for Iraq in the Gulf War.
14. Winston Churchill once described Portugal as Britain's oldest [ally].
15. In 1879, the governments of Germany and Austria formed an [alliance] under which they agreed to come to each other's aid if either was attacked.
16. In 1912, Turkey was defeated by an [alliance] of Bulgaria, Serbia, Greece, and Montenegro.
17. Thailand was in [alliance] with Japan during World War Two, but became a U.S. ally following the conflict.
18. Frederich Engels described marriage as a means of establishing [alliances] between warring elites.

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